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Everyeverything is a London based design studio. We enjoy making things in collaboration with people and brands across a wide range of creative projects.

  • Brand identity for ELP Barbershop
  • Business cards for ELP Barbershop
  • Exterior signage for ELP's No67 store
  • Product packaging for ELP Barbershop

    We can help you with brand identity, website design & development, publications, exhibitions, packaging, art direction and consultancy.

    Clients and Collaborators:
    ELP Barbershop, Carhartt Work In Progress, Dent, Urban Fruit, Bear Nibbles, wr∓co, Sam Johnson Design, Tom Sansome, CBXII, Ryan Gillett.

    Studio Projects:
    The Amperstool, of L8 (out soon).

    +44(0)779 448 3905

    Studio 17
    Hackney Downs Studios
    Amhurst Terrace
    E8 2BT